Software development

In need of additional hands for your development team? CatenaLogic provides professional development services by understanding both the customer requirements and the technical aspects of the software. We are not only familiar with software development, but also with the tools that aim in software development in a professional manner.

Instead of telling how good we are, take a look at the projects we have done yourself and see our coding standards.

Professionalizing development

Developer teams often group in an agile way where members join and leave the team. During this process, the team will evolve over the months by walking into problems every developer team is exposed to.

To give your development team a great kick-start, it is wise to prevent a team from walking into the same pitfalls. This can be accomplished by using the right tools for developers so they can grow faster and be ready for production in days instead of weeks or months.

Code reviews

When a developer works mainly on a single product, he or she might become the victim of “tunnel vision”. An external code review will provide great new insights in the software architecture and will improve the quality of the code. Developers often feel relieved after a code review and are glad to learn much from another professional.

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